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MacWorld 1986 Article by Jeffery B. Young 
Photo by George Steinmetz

The first filmmaker featured in MacWorld magazine 1986

By 1986 I was using my then 2 year old Mac Classic to do word processing [with MacWrite], some graphics [with MacPaint], animations [with the brand new VideoWorks from MacroMind] and doing budgets [on the Multiplan spreadsheet software from Microsoft in 1985].  It was the budgeting software that sealed the deal for my first IMAX production job when I took a typed production budget and entered into the ever malleable spreadsheet to show several different production options with the funds available.  I recently found that spreadsheet budget analysis for the SEASONS film in my files and realized that I’d only had a working computer spreadsheet for a few months when I put it to use for that possible job.  It was the beginning of my spreadsheet way of thinking.

MacWorld 1986 Article by Jeffery B. Young    Photo by George Steinmetz