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MacWorld 1986 Article by Jeffery B. Young 
Photo by George Steinmetz

The first filmmaker featured in MacWorld magazine 1986

By 1986 I was using my then 2 year old Mac Classic to do word processing [with MacWrite], some graphics [with MacPaint], animations [with the brand new VideoWorks from MacroMind] and doing budgets [on the Multiplan spreadsheet software from Microsoft in 1985].  It was the budgeting software that sealed the deal for my first IMAX production job when I took a typed production budget and entered into the ever malleable spreadsheet to show several different production options with the funds available.  I recently found that spreadsheet budget analysis for the SEASONS film in my files and realized that I’d only had a working computer spreadsheet for a few months when I put it to use for that possible job.  It was the beginning of my spreadsheet way of thinking.

MacWorld 1986 Article by Jeffery B. Young    Photo by George Steinmetz

Ben Shedd Brief Bio Cover Sheet

Ben Shedd Teaching, Production & Research

Ben Shedd Teaching Production Research Click to Download 22.7MB file with Bio and many production and teaching pictures. It is a big file so please grab a latte while it downloads. This PDF tells many stories about my work all across teaching, production and research, and is filled with photos from through the years.

Ben Shedd First Movie Press Clipping in the Stockton Record Newspaper, 1954

60 years making movies!

[Click Here to see enlarged view of 1954 Stockton Record News Article.] 

As I mark my first year anniversary as Professor of Digital Filmmaking at the School  of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, 2014 was a year of several movie-making anniversaries for me.

1989 – 25 years since starting my EXPLODING THE FRAME research on developing a new cinematic language for giant immersive screens.

1979 – 35 years since receiving an Academy Award with Jacqueline Phillips Shedd for Best Documentary Short Subject for THE FLIGHT OF THE GOSSAMER CONDOR and beginning teaching at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

1974 – 40 years since Associate Producing the very first PBS NOVA science program WHERE DID THE COLORADO GO? and the NOVA series going on the air on PBS.

1964 – 50 years since high school graduation

1954 – 60 years since I started making movies

I am attaching my first movie press clipping for my first acting role in 1954 as Prince Valiant in KNIGHTS OF THE SQUARE TABLE movie, the first of seven fully costumed narrative films my father made each year with the neighbor kids where I played roles like Mountain Man Tom Fitzpatrick, Sheriff Wyatt Earp, and World War I fighter pilot Baron Von Richthofen.  These films are now in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Film Archive.

Also on the list are graduating with an MA Degree in Cinema from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and a BA Degree in Radio/Television/Film from San Francisco State University’s Department of Cinema and directing & producing 3 giant screen OMNIMAX films plus teaching cinema production and business at 7 universities, but they don’t have as good 5 and 10 year anniversary dates as the list above.

60 years in the movies and counting…

Seeing former Students from the 1980s - now Film Department Chairs - Francisco Menendez [Cal Arts] and Will Akers [USC Cinema].

UNIVERSITY FILM AND VIDEO ASSOCIATION/UFVA 2014 Annual Conference, Bozeman Montana

I presented a talk and visual tour about the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore on International Panel: An International Community of Practice: Media Curricula Around the Globe. I also presented a talk on NOVA and Natural History Documentaries: Forty Years On for the panel: Tales from the Niche: Teaching Natural History Filmmaking in the “Unnatural” Curriculum. 3rd Panel Discussant for Documentary Panel: Finding Our Way In, Getting the Word Out: Part 2.
I was delighted to see two former students at the UFVA Conference from my classes in the 1980s at USC School of Cinematic Arts and the California Institute of the Arts: Profs Francisco Menendez, now Chair of the Film Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas [and incoming President of the UFVA] and William M. Akers, Chair of Motion Pictures, Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee [and author of “Your Screenplay Sucks: 100 Ways to Make It Great” – the title says it all]. This mini reunion was a surprise and really great.  So nice to see you guys!
Selfie by Ben Shedd with Francisco and Will

Section from ix Immersion/Experience Symposium on Keynote Panel.

EXPLODING THE FRAME at the ix IMMERSION/EXPERIENCE Symposium, Montreal, Canada

EXPLODING THE FRAME at the ix IMMERSION/EXPERIENCE Symposium May 21-26 in Montreal, Canada. Many of the events will be live streamed at  I will be part of the Keynote Panel on May 22nd starting at 9AM/Montreal Time UTC/GMT – 4 hours.  Live Streaming throughout ix.  Sit close to your screen and imagine immersion!!

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 11.32.29 PM

TROPICAL RAINFOREST IMAX film in this week’s Wall Street Journal movie review

Joe Morgenstern, Pulitzer Prize winning film critic for the Wall Street Journal, has included the TROPICAL RAINFOREST IMAX film as one of his Rewinds/Look Backs in his movie review this week 17 Jan 2014.  Thanks, Joe….