Film & Video Awards

Ben Shedd Film & Video Awards – Detailed List

Star Waiters Award – The Infinite Wish of the Year Award from the National Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, chosen from 13,200 wishes granted in 2009, for the wish that brought a whole community together to grant a child’s wish.

Green is the Color of Money Video Awards – US Green Building Council 1st Annual GREENBUILD Film Festival screening 2007 * 2007 Best in Show/Contemporary Issues The Accolade Video Competition The Accolade Best in Show award notes “the production illustrates the power of a documentary to foster technological change.”

Tropical Rainforest Film Awards – Silver Medal, Documentaries, New York Film Festival, 1993

The Flight of the Gossamer Condor Film Awards – Jacqueline Phillips Shedd and Ben Shedd, Producers – Academy Award Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject of 1978 * Blue Ribbon Award, American Film Festival, 1979 * Cine Golden Eagle, 1979 * Certificate of Participation, Moscow Film Festival, U.S.S.R. * Diploma of Honor, 1st Place, International Science Film Assoc. Film Festival, Cologne, Germany * Silver Boomerang, Melbourne Film Festival, Australia * Certificate of Commendation, tied for Best Science Film in the World, Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science Film Festival * Lawrence Science Award, National Educational Film Festival * Certificate of Participation, Bilbao Film Festival, Spain * Los Angeles International Film Exposition Screening * Seattle Film Festival Screening * Gold Cindy, Information Film Producers Association * American Association for the Advancement of Science Film Festival Screening * Gold Plaque, Documentaries, Chicago Film Festival Best of Elementary, Birmingham Film Festival *Bronze Medal, International Film & Television Festival, New York * Selected Film for Young Adults – 1980, American Library Association * Distinguished Achievement Award, San Francisco State University * Alumni Award of Merit, University of Southern California Cinema Circulus * Screenings, Museum of Modern Art Screening, New York & Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC, Premiere.

The Homefront Film Awards – Golden Apple Award, National Educational Film Festival, 1987 * Blue Ribbon Award, American Film & Video Festival, 1985 * Cine Golden Eagle, 1985 * Gold Special Jury Award, Houston Film Festival, 1985 * Bronze Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival, 1985 * Silver Award, International Film & TV Festival, NY, 1985 * Chris Award, Columbus International Film Festival, 1985

Poetry For People Who Hate Poetry with Roger SteffensFilm Series Film Awards – e.e. cummings – American Film Festival Finalist, 1980 * About Words – Golden Babe Award, Chicagoland Educational Film Festival * Selected Film for Young Adults, 1981, American Library Association

NOVA® PBS Science Series Film Awards – 1998 National Science Foundation National Science Board’s first Annual Public Service Award to Nova® Series 25th Anniversary * George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award for Excellence with emphasis on American produced programs 1974 (Shared) * Why Do Birds Sing? – Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1977 * The Sunspot Mystery – Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1978 * The First Signs of Washoe – American Psychological Association Grand Prize * Yellow Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1976 * Where Did The Colorado Go? * Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1976

Mars Minus Myth Film Awards – Cine Golden Eagle, 1973 * Orbit Award, Best Science Film in the World, Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science International Film Festival * Special Jury Award – San Francisco Film Festival, 1973 * Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1973 * Chris Plaque, Columbus Film Festival * Gold Medal, Scientific Exploration Category, Eighth International Festival of Scientific Film, Belgrade, Yugoslavia


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